The expectation is that businesses today are excellent communicators, and that starts with having a first class telephone system.

Unfortunately for many small- and medium-sized businesses or professional offices, the services that came with a PBX telephone system has always been outside their price range – until now. With the growth of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, the cost of having best-in-class telephony is affordable even for small businesses.

Benefits of VoIP Systems

Cloud-based computing has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses, and allows non-enterprise businesses to adopt the same or similar technology that their enterprise counterparts have – effectively narrowing the gap between service delivery levels for smaller businesses. Some of the major benefits of VoIP phone systems are:

  • Cost Reduction. If your business is spending a significant amount of time on long-distance calls, VoIP will likely save you money since voice calls now travel over Internet data lines.
  • Portability. Employees aren’t as willing to be tied to a specific desk as they were in the past. Instead, they’re looking for ways to work remotely and still deliver the same high quality service and professionalism. VoIP phone systems allow portability of numbers such as advanced call forwarding, phone trees and hunt groups – features that are not cost-effective with a traditional PBX system.
  • Enhanced Media Functions. Phone calls are far from the best or only way that people communicate these days, and VoIP phone systems allow for video calls, image transfers, instant messaging and other multimedia options.
  • Enhanced Collaboration. VoIP phone systems can integrate tightly with other applications such as social networks, web browsers and email platforms to provide valuable synergy across multiple platforms. Add “Call me now” buttons right within an email, deliver voicemails directly to an email address, click-to-call on your websites and more.
  • Interactive UX. The user control interface is often much more friendly with a VoIP phone than with a traditional phone, and may be more graphical in nature than based on a phone tree menu system. This makes it easier for users to configure the system to meet their unique needs.
  • Hyper-Localization. If it’s important to your business to appear to be in a specific location, with a VoIP phone system, you can make that connection. Geographic boundaries are much less important with Internet-enabled phones than they are with traditional phones. Selecting a Canadian phone number even when you’re abroad can make it appear that you’re local – even if you’re several continents away.
  • Call Quality. Traditional analog signals can experience significant degradation of signal quality, especially over long distances. However, VoIP phones transmit data digitally, meaning calls are generally crystal clear no matter their origination location or how far away the callers are geographically.

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