We focus exclusively on the customer experience and strive to ensure that each opportunity to interact with our clients ends positively.

We view support requests as an opportunity to prove our “above and beyond” mindset to our clients, so don’t expect long waiting times or difficulty reaching a real human who truly understands both your business and your needs. Our multi-tier technical support team keeps us in close contact with our clients throughout the support process while providing clients with flexible options for reporting an anomaly.

Call, Email or Click for Assistance

Need help in a hurry? We offer several manageable options to quickly get support from Purplo:

  • Call: our professionals at (844) 250-9936

No matter your entry point, we enter your support request and create a ticket which will follow your project until it is fully resolved to your satisfaction.

Competent Resolution

Our support technicians listen well and allowing you to determine what is considered an emergency for your business. We are able to deliver on the promise of being available when you need us, and work proactively to ensure that you never need to pick up the phone to call us if there’s a problem – we make it our business to monitor and know when common problems occur or when software needs a specific patch.

Proactive Communication

We make every effort to resolve problems that you’re encountering at the very first contact – saving you time and energy in following up to determine the status of your support ticket. We keep you in the loop at every stage of the process, letting you know when our Tier I and Tier II support team is unable to resolve the situation. When we bring in a vendor partner to aid resolution, we notify you immediately and continue to work with our partner to safeguard your systems and the relationship as well. Each ticket ends with a follow-up so all outstanding issues are resolved.

Comprehensive Web Portal

Check the status of any support tickets online 24/7 on our Web Portal at Purplo.com. If you would prefer to call in to get more information on a ticket, please feel free – but we keep the very latest information available online for your convenience and also so you have a record of any issues and resolution in the past. This allows not only your team but also the Purplo team to see if there are any recurring challenges that need to be addressed by a change in software, standards or training to keep the same problem from happening again in the future.