As a team, we have always been fascinated by information technology and how it can be leveraged to drive business growth and excellence.

Our founder has brought the company a long way from being one of the first managed services providers to be certified by Microsoft in 1999. Now headed by a CPA with deep and broad knowledge of both technology and business, we see businesses leapfrogging their competitors on a daily basis due to their ability to harness the power of technology to solve tough business problems. The future of cloud computing is one of the major drivers in business change today, and we are excited to offer a variety of services to provide our customers with a long-term competitive advantage.

Focus on Small- and Medium-Sized Business

Enterprises have a wealth of options available to them, but until recently SMBs have been more limited in the technology that was in their price range. Supporting this important segment of the economy is important to us, and we actively look for ways to leverage enterprise-level technology and make it affordable for businesses of all sizes and types.

Your Trusted Advisor

Our team understands the intersection between business and technology, and can help businesses navigate through gaining a deep understanding of their business model in order to define the appropriate technology solutions. We are most effective as a trusted advisor; someone who can come alongside your business over time and help map future technology investments to your business strategy.

Passion for Technology

Our passion for technology is our driving force, and we live for the opportunity to help solve difficult business problems. When we manage your systems and infrastructure, you no longer have to worry about keeping the technology humming along–that’s our job–and you will have more time to focus on the business opportunities that you see on a daily basis. We are a proactive IT partner, and pride ourselves in staying on top of the latest developments in both business and technology to serve you more effectively.

Ultimate Accountability

When we say we’re going to do something, you can rest assured that we will follow through. We believe in leveraging technology to accelerate growth–by providing just the right amount of technology as a catalyst to fuel the growth of your organization. Our founder’s background as a CPA means we have the high-level focus on business needs first, before we begin translating to technical requirements.

Excellence First

Whether it’s our commitment to lifelong learning or our customer-focused attitude of service, we always believe in excellence first. We work closely with partners such as Microsoft and Google, and maintain our certifications with both major vendors. Our continuing education helps us stay in touch with changes in the technology world and how they can be leveraged to support your business.