Purplo is committed to creating partnerships with leaders in the technology industry.

We actively engage with industry leaders to ensure that we can deliver robust solutions and make them easily accessible to your employees and customers alike. We make it a priority to stay active and continuously learn about industry news, trends and more. Our partnerships allow us to deliver Purplo customers the very latest innovations with our solutions. While we are able to work with a wide variety of different technology platforms–both hardware and software–our key vendors are Microsoft, Google and Sophos.


Office productivity software and hardware from Microsoft, such as the Surface tablet, allow your business to fully function regardless of your physical location. Business today is very mobile, and business systems need to support that quest for mobility. Microsoft understands this need at a deep level, and has focused many of their recent releases on providing tools for collaboration and business that are completely portable. Whether it’s productivity on-the-go with Office 365 that you’re looking for, or a full-powered computer that functions as a tablet with the Surface, Microsoft offerings are powering business.


Google offers more for businesses than just a stellar search platform – their engineers also provide the Google Cloud Platform, which can be leveraged so service providers can spend more of their time coding and less of their time wiring things together. Using Google tools, we can create tailored cloud solutions that will provide you with peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of a natural disaster or emergency and that your data is always safe. Google also offers Google Apps for Work, a suite of collaboration and productivity software that includes popular web applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar – all available on a subscription basis.


Security is a critical part of the technology infrastructure for small- to medium-sized businesses, as they are often the target of malicious attacks and dangerous malware. We leverage Sophos network, endpoint and server data security solutions for Mac and PC to ensure that your business data and transactions are always protected. Sophos anti-virus software and next-gen firewall solutions, along with their focus on cloud-based security, can hamper many attacks before they even get to your network. Server virtualization, UTM appliances, web and email gateways, network storage protection and protection for your WiFi access points round out their offerings.