Innovation can be the cornerstone of business success, and leveraging technology to drive innovation is what excites our team about going to work every day.

Our Core Purpose is to ensure that our clients have the right technology available to grow their business – and to be a caring, respectful and dedicated partner throughout their journey to success. We work best when we’re able to come alongside a business; collaboratively listening and deeply understanding the business needs before technology solutions even enter the conversation. We are a CPA-led organization, providing us the focus and knowledge of business needs that help drive the technology conversation.

Highly Professional

Professionalism can mean a number of different things: responding quickly to requests, maintaining a balanced perspective at all times, and truly listening to understand the needs of clients. We strive to always be professional in our relationships – both with our clients and with our partners. We care deeply about the success of our clients, and are passionate about ensuring that we’re always doing our very best work.

Deeply Respectful

In our terms, respect means the ability to take the time to listen before offering any products or services. We don’t enter a new client engagement with a ready arsenal of tools and tricks – instead, we focus on forming a deep understanding of your business model before offering solution ideas.

Positive and Proactive

Our team wants to enjoy coming to work each day, and we start with a positive and proactive focus that brings out the best in our clients and our partners. Customer service is at the forefront of all that we do, and we look for ways to inject a sense of fun into interactions. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take our job seriously (we do!), but it does mean that we look for ways to lighten up heavy topics and make them understandable and engaging for users.

Our Core Values

Core values are a big part of what helps define an organization, and here are the words that resonate with our team:

  • Service Dedication: We are firm believers in putting the needs of our client first – even in front of our own. You’ll find that our service levels are remarkable by any standard.
  • Passion for Technology: Yes, we truly love this stuff and get excited about the savings and growth potentials we see for each new client.
  • Absolute Accountability: You can be assured that if we make a decision, we will stand by that decision no matter what – and we’ll always make it right.
  • Excellence: We believe that learning truly is a life-long pursuit, and we actively engage in acquiring the knowledge of both business and technology trends that we need to help our clients excel.

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