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Cybersecurity Tips for Non-Profits  

Is Your Charitable Organization at Risk? If tomorrow’s headlines read your non-profit organization’s data and donor info was breached, what would be the ramifications?  Are you taking enough appropriate steps to stop cybersecurity threats? Is Your Charitable Organization at Risk?  Cybersecurity Tips for Non-Profits Almost weekly, we hear about an internet or computer security breach […]

13 Things to Consider When Choosing a Managed Service Provider  

When you hire a managed service provider to help your company, be sure you select the right one.   Whether you just opened your doors, your business is flourishing, or your company is well-established, as a business owner you have a lot on your hands.  If you are without an internal IT department and manage […]

Drive Office Productivity by Using These Popular Features in MS Word  

Microsoft Word is an incredibly powerful tool for office productivity, but you’re probably not using all of these fabulous time-saving features.  Get the scoop!   There are few software packages that are as pervasive in a variety of different industries as the Microsoft Office productivity suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.  The ability […]

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