Technology products and services are one of the largest annual investments that a business makes, so it makes sense to optimize your uptime and keep everything running smoothly.

Our managed IT services allows you the flexibility of having our team available to help you when you need it – without having to worry about costs or timing. Our managed services offerings add predictability and accuracy to your business and give you the peace of mind to focus on business growth instead of on whether or not the backup process ran the night before. Get the most out of your technology investments when you work with our managed services by selecting the support level that works best for your business needs.

Bronze Level Protection

The core of our managed services offering includes:

  • Managed anti-virus software on every machine that we monitor
  • Server active monitoring of your system for intrusion, failed hard disks and more
  • Server weekly security and windows patch updates
  • Discounted daily off-site, encrypted backups to our secure data center
  • Optional monitoring of desktop PC and Mac

Silver Level Protection

Our Silver level of protection is a more proactive plan, and includes all of the Bronze level activities, plus:

  • Live phone support during business hours (8 hours per day, 5 days a week) to help you remove viruses, install software or printers, assess PC and network issues
  • Patch application for standard software packages such as Microsoft, Adobe and Java to reduce their vulnerability to hackers
  • Daily off-site, encrypted backups to our secure data center for 50GB total data size
  • Monthly reporting of all issues, giving you an opportunity to review where difficulties are occurring so they can be addressed
  • Online content filtering protection to stop threats in their tracks before they get to your protected network

Gold Level Protection

When you need the gold standard of protection, our most inclusive managed plan has you covered. Our Gold plan includes everything in our Bronze and Silver plans, plus:

  • Network monitoring and administration, including printers and firewall
  • Liaison with 3rd party software application vendors to deliver seamless service
  • Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 online collaboration suite for each user
  • Managed web and email server, including Domain Name and DNS service management
  • Proactive preventative maintenance such as regular disk defragmentation to keep your systems running smoothly
  • Business Disaster Recovery system with server whole disk image replicated off-site
  • Service Level Agreement for response time and target resolution times

On-Site Support

There are times when phone support simply won’t do for your needs, and we are pleased to offer our enterprise on-site support to meet those needs. Contact us to learn more or for a custom quote.

When you reduce or eliminate the need for your staff to be up-to-speed on your technology, you’re freeing up their time and gaining the benefit of an onsite IT Specialist without the heavy overhead. The predictable monthly cost provides you with easy budgeting for the year, and allows you to mitigate the heavy hit of capital expenditures.