Legal professionals build trust with their clients through their ability to provide the strictest security and measures of confidentiality, and we make it our business to ensure that you can offer those services flawlessly.

A single leaked detail or poorly routed email could make the difference in a large case, and we want to make sure that this is a scenario that never happens. Whether you need a professional website, office productivity applications or case management software, Purplo can provide you with the IT services that you need to run your business efficiently and outpace your competition.

Case Management Software

Managing a full case load with a minimum amount of overhead can be a challenge, but we have worked with a number of professional offices with similar needs and can provide a solid solution for your workflow management and document storage needs. Time tracking is also of critical importance to ensure that clients are billed accurately and in a timely manner, and we will work closely with your business leaders to define and scope technology projects that will add immediate value back into your business.

Mobile Solutions

The nature of the business is that you’re not in the office all the time, yet will need to answer a variety of different questions quickly when you’re away from your desk. Answers are a mere touch away when you have your tablet or mobile device handy, as we can work with you to define solutions that are completely mobile-friendly – allowing you full access to the documents, contacts and workflow information that you need whether you’re meeting with clients off-site or in the courtroom.

Secure Remote Access

Providing your staff with secure network-level access to specific applications is a must with business today. Let us help you configure the correct degree of access for various users based on their device type, location, roles within the organization – all taking into account your overarching security posture to keep your intellectual property and client details safe and sound.

Encrypted Email Solutions

Clients need to know what’s going on with their case on a regular basis, and our encrypted email solutions allow you to keep them in the loop without concern that your emails are not secure. Maintain open lines of communication by allowing clients to email you directly and responding to them directly.

Cyber Security

Tight security is a requirement for any attorney’s office, and our end-to-end solutions will keep your pertinent information safe and secure. From WiFi management and recommendations to secure firewalls and active remote monitoring that will prevent malware, ransomware and viruses from taking hold, we’re there to provide the support you need and provide you with peace of mind.

Paperless Document Management

Whether you’re working towards creating a paperless office or simply making sure that off-site employees have full access to the information that they need in a timely manner, our professionals can work closely with you to outline your needs and find just the right paperless document management tools to support your business workflow.