When you’re a CPA, you know that there are certain requirements that you must keep in mind to ensure that your clients’ information is safe, and that you’re offering the best possible advice to clients at all times.

That’s why Purplo is the leading IT partner who can help accelerate your growth through the considered application of technology. Why is that? It’s simple – Purplo’s founder is a CPA with years of professional experience in retail, industry and public practice so he understands your business challenges at a much different level than many IT managed services providers.

Let Purplo help reduce the stress of managed updates and patches, provide you with secure and consistent backups, and offer a higher level of support to fulfill your IT needs.

Managed Updates and Security Patches

Our managed services provide you with options to keep your software up-to-date without your staff having to lift a finger. Forget the constant stress of keeping up with Sage, Quickbooks, Caseware or Profile updates and let us take that responsibility for you. We actively monitor for available updates and depending on your service level, can make the patches for you – saving you valuable staff time and ensuring that you always have the latest version of popular productivity and accounting software suites or anti-virus software.

Accurate and Timely Data Backups

When clients are trusting you with one of their most valuable possessions – their money – you need to know that all of your transactions and personal information are being backed up securely and remotely, and that there is no chance that you’re going to lose data. Our backup processes are run and verified on a regular basis, giving you the added comfort of knowing that someone is constantly watching to be sure all is going well.

Dependable, Outsourced IT

Having your own IT staff may not be in your budget, but with Purplo you’re able to get quick and easy answers to your IT challenges without unsustainable additions to your headcount. Knowing that you can reliably pick up the phone, send an email or enter our online customer portal to check the status of an open ticket or submit a new request that will be addressed quickly and efficiently provides you with the mental space you need to continue to grow your business.

Disaster Recovery

No one wants to think about an emergency such as a flood, fire or cyber attack, but these situations could devastate a small- to medium- sized business. Make sure that you’re ready for anything that comes your way with a firm disaster recovery plan in place that provides a roadmap to getting your customers, employees and information back online quickly in the event of an emergency.

Paperless Document Management

Maintaining security and backups are not as useful as they could be unless you can find the information that you need quickly and efficiently. Our paperless document management solutions will provide you with the secure office workflow that you need to ensure you have easy access to important client documents and forms regardless of your physical location.