G-Suite is making waves across the business community by offering some of the best Google tools built specifically for the way work is carried out today.

One of the two major cloud-based productivity suites along with Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite is a viable option for many small- to medium-sized businesses who need lighter versions of popular software. Both cloud-based platforms are secure, stable and easy for employees to use and learn and both offer comparable monthly access fees. Purplo professionals will work closely with you to determine which productivity suite is well-suited for your business based on your people and processes.

Online Storage

One of the major benefits of selecting G-Suite apps is the secure and redundant online storage that comes as part of the package. Google Drive is well-accepted within the business community as a secure and easy solution for document storage and collaboration. At Purplo, we will work closely with your leadership team to ensure that implementation runs smoothly and that your hierarchical storage solution is fully adequate to meet your needs both now and in the future.

Pay for Usage

With G-Suite you’re paying only for the licenses that you’re actually using, which can provide a significant cost-savings over traditional on-premise software suites. This also makes the Google offering very scalable, as you can quickly add or reduce licenses on a monthly basis without a negative impact on your overall pricing structure.

Mobile First

Google understands mobility more than most large organizations, and they’re offering their cloud-based tools in support of mobile work. Work-life balance is an important part of any employer’s offerings to their staff, and Google’s tools work well across a variety of platforms – allowing workers to be productive regardless of their physical location.

Extensive Training

The G-Suite learning center is a big benefit for users of the productivity suite, as a community of power users teach and create tutorials on a regular basis. By offering continuous training on their core products and functionality, Google is adding value to the Google for Work platform in a new and creative way that appeals to many smaller businesses with limited resources available to devote to ongoing training and improvement exercises.

With more than 240 million people globally using Google Drive and other G-Suite, this growing segment of the business world will continue to influence how others work collaboratively across company lines and how employees share information with customers. Purplo consultants can support not only your implementation, but also the ongoing optimization of G-Suite and any other software tools that you’re currently utilizing in your business.