Business data is growing in importance every year while becoming more vast and complex at the same time.

Making sure that your data structures are fully backed up and that you have a business continuity plan in place is of critical importance, as the ripples of a data loss are felt throughout an organization for an indefinite period of time. Not only are there the short-term costs associated with lost productivity and transactions, but the longer-term costs of the loss of trust from customers and suppliers cannot be adequately measured.

Danger of Cyber Attacks

Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly bold, and SMBs are particularly vulnerable to attack due to the perception that they are not as secure as an enterprise. Any time you have business and personal information flowing through your digital infrastructure, your business is rife for attack from criminals or competitors. Risk management is an ongoing challenge for organizations and it can be difficult to protect your business without a full-time asset dedicated to network security.

Online Backup Services

When you need total data protection for your business, AVGs online backup system offers unlimited retention for your most important information with secure, centralized administration, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Windows servers and local backups
  • All files and folders
  • SQL and other Databases
  • SharePoint server
  • Military-grade security
  • Mobile backup and access

Rapid Backup and Disaster Recovery

StorageCraft is one of the industry leaders in backup and disaster recovery, and we’ve partnered with them to bring ShadowProtect Imaging for an adept solution that will get your systems back up and running quickly even after a disaster. Managed system migration and system recovery times are mitigated even when you’re moving to a different hardware platform and the structure is flexible enough to allow you to run one backup and recovery software solution on each of your workstations, regardless of whether they’re physical or virtual.

Fully Managed Services

Purplo technical associates will work closely with you to ensure that your backup and disaster recovery solutions are a good fit for your business and information technology needs. Our active partnership levels provide you with the peace of mind that you need to keep your business moving and to continue innovating – all while we’re in the background keeping your important business data safe from cyber attacks. Managing the strategic and economic costs of cyber risk is especially important and something that our founder, a CPA, can speak to from a business perspective as well as from a technology perspective.