Using Two-Factor Authentication to Address Workplace Cyber Threats

Two-factor authentication (2FA) – or, Multi-factor authentication (MFA), as it’s becoming increasingly known – is perhaps the most directly effective way to combat password hacking and the unauthorized access to company data, software, and devices. Password hacking is becoming more prevalent in the workplace, due to cyber thieves becoming smarter and, conversely, companies and employees […]

Hacker Exploits Extend to iPhones and iPads, Can Access Your Data and Location

iPhone and iPad vulnerabilities, or zero-days exploits allow hackers to access any and all data, know your location by GPS co-locating, and also be able to use your camera to spy on you. Although Apple released the patch in the form of iOS update 9.3.5, the security vulnerability still runs rampant out there for any […]

Digital Transformation: 4 Ways SMBs Can Profit From It

Four ways businesses can profit from digital transformation. Digital transformation allows SMBs to rub elbows with the large businesses they could one day become. However, many SMBs don’t have an honest game plan when it comes to taking advantage of a digital transformation. With this being said, here’s a look at four ways SMBs can […]

Why IT Security for the Manufacturing Sector is So Vital

The manufacturing sector of our economy at large presents many challenges for business owners who plan on keeping data regarding proprietary information on goods and production methods safe and secure. Consumer goods in particular are big business, but can also present a major liability in terms of data center and networking security, compliance issues, and […]

Office 365 Users Beware: A Bold New Ransomware Threat Emerges

If you had to make a list of the most pressing threats that Internet users face today, ransomware would undoubtedly be right at the top. Now, thanks to a massive zero-day attack by a particularly tricky group of hackers, Microsoft Office 365 users in particular need to be incredibly careful moving forward. What is Ransomware? […]

Switching To Windows 10?

Have You Made the Switch to Windows 10 Yet? The much-ballyhooed rollout of Windows 10 a little over a year ago was a welcome “fix” to many for the Windows 8 fiasco in 2012. The Windows 10 campaign represents Microsoft’s most aggressive attempt to-date to get their users to adopt the latest and greatest operating […]

Is DevOps Automation of IT Security a Better Move?

At a recent Security Roundtable that took place at Search IT Operations, one of the topics discussed was when a company should migrate their IT security to DevOps. Should it only be when IT departments are understaffed and have to resort to technology policing itself, basically, or should it be used only when there is […]