The Correlation Between Business Continuity and Operational Maturity

A business continuity plan is vital to the success of a business. Learn more about why you should focus on it and how you can implement one, no matter what maturity level your business is. Business continuity is a core component of any business. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the business continues to […]

Ransomware Attack on Carleton University

Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common with each passing day. Carleton University was recently attacked and is trying to figure out how to clean up the mess. Ransomware attacks are happening all over the world at an alarming speed. One of the more publicized attacks that has recently occurred happened on a larger […]

Cloud Billing to Cut Hardware and IT Costs

Cloud based services allow you to only pay for what you need, keep your costs down, and hire fewer employers to get the job done. Cloud based billing services can bring the cost of doing business down substantially. Especially if you are a new business just getting started, with cloud billing, you only pay for […]

Are You Paying Too Much for IaaS?

IaaS is a very beneficial tool for businesses but many times, companies are spending too much on the services. In order to save money and reach the optimum business value, a CSEM tool is a great option. Cloud technology is constantly increasing and becoming better. One of these components that has been added is IaaS. […]

The Top Windows 10 Features And Devices To Add To Your Holiday Wishlist

Top Your Technophile’s Wish List With These Top Windows 10 Devices And Features It’s the season for giving and receiving. Be the top of your favorite technophile’s wish list or just treat yourself to some new gadgets or apps with these top new Windows 10 features and devices for the holidays. Start your wish list […]

Your Business’ Data Backups Are Only As Good As Your Testing Process

Routine data backups are a crucial component of your business’ overall IT infrastructure maintenance process. Your backups are what protects your business in the event of a crisis like a cyber attack, system failure, or power outage. A carefully thought out recovery plan can help your business overcome just about anything life decides to throw […]

Microsoft Introduces Outlook Customer Manager for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Managing your customer interactions will never be the same now that Microsoft has introduced Outlook Customer Manager. In the business world, Microsoft Office is a huge tool that can be used to run your business effectively. Microsoft has just taken this to the next level by introducing a new Premium plan called Outlook Customer Manager. […]

Backups: Don’t Wait Until It Breaks

Accidents happen. Eventually, something will go wrong within your IT infrastructure and when it does, you are going to want to be data-protected. Having effective backup means more than just having an extra file on hand. It means being able to rest easy knowing that, if the worst should happen, it would not spell the […]

Windows 10 Defending Against Ransomware in New Update

Cyber attacks happen every day. Now, Microsoft is helping you protect yourself from ransomware with their most recent update. Cyber threats are becoming more and more of an issue as technology increases its prominence in our lives. The latest form of cyber threats is ransomware. Many people who are using this are cyber criminals looking […]

7 Quick Tips to Help You Maximize Employee Productivity

There are only so many hours in a day, and figuring out how to get the most out of each one is a trick we all wish we could master. Or perhaps more importantly, it’s a trick you wish your employees could master. Getting them on the right track is easier than you might expect. […]